How to Unblock Bet9ja Account – Unlock Your Profile (Steps)

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Blocked account? Learn how to unlock it here! As a betting site with a large customer base throughout Nigeria, Bet9ja, at its discretion, may block a customer’s account. In the event you have had your account blocked, you may have breached the terms and conditions or suspected of less favourable behaviour. If this applies to you, Bet9ja offers a number of steps you can take to have your account unblocked. Unlock your profile now.

How to Unblock My Bet9ja Account (steps)

If Bet9ja blocked your account and you wish to have it unblocked, you can contact the customer support centre at and request your account be unblocked. When contacting the support team, you will need to provide cetain information for reactivating your Bet9ja account. Follow these steps.

Steps How to Unlock Bet9ja Account

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  1. Go to Bet9ja with the help of this 👉 link.
  2. Find the Support page and see the available contact methods..
  3. Fill in the Contact Form or send an email asking for your account to be unlocked.
  4. Make sure to provide all data required and upload needed documents.
  5. Unblock Bet9ja Account

What is the Email Draft for Asking Bet9ja to Unlock Account?

Below is a sample of an email template you can send to Bet9ja asking them to unblock your profile.

Topic: Unblock my Bet9ja account (Unlock Profile)

Dear Bet9ja,

My account at Bet9ja is deactivated. As my account is blocked I cannot bet or withdraw money. It seems you locked my account because (*insert reasons).

Please, unblock my Bet9ja account and help me view my profile.

Attached you may find documents proving that I have taken the necessary measure to have my Bet9ja account reactivated.


(Username and email used when registering at Bet9ja)

When contacting the support team, you will need to provide the following:

  • Your username
  • Registered email address
  • Residential address and mobile number
  • Date of birth

Why would Bet9ja Block my Account?

As a licensed betting company, Bet9ja is committed to ensuring all customers with registered accounts use their betting services within the terms and conditions as agreed upon at the point of registration. As such, if Bet9ja suspects collusion, promotional abuse, fraud, or any actions that are defined under its “prohibited behavior” clause, it will block a customer’s account indefinitely or for up to 90 days.

Reasons for Blocked Bet9ja Account
  • Fraud suspicion
  • Frequent withdrawals
  • Bonus Abuse
  • Breach of terms


If I request my Bet9ja account be unblocked, will my request be approved?

The unblocking of your account is solely at the discretion of Bet9ja. If approved, you will usually be notified within 24 hours by email.

Should I include identity documents when emailing support about unblocking my account?

While attaching identity documents is not required, it is favourable for you to include these when submitting your request.

Should I include the reason why I was blocked in my email to Bet9ja?

Yes, this will help Bet9ja reduce the time needed to decide whether your account will be unblocked.

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