How to Bet Corners on Betway

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how to bet corners on betway
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As one of the leading sports betting sites, Betway ensures customers have access to a wide range of market types. One of the available market types we want to focus on here is corner betting. To some, it may seem like a slightly strange part of a football match to bet on. However, corner betting enjoys some real popularity. Moreover, it is often a favourite among more serious gamblers who believe corner markets provide better value than most others.

Betway Bet Corners

Understanding Corner Betting on Betway

To help you get your head around corner betting at Betway, we will first cover the basics here.

What is Corner Betting?

Typically, within football betting most markets revolve around goals. This is little surprise because goals determine the outcome of matches. With corner betting, however, the number of goals scored is completely irrelevant. Moreover, the scoreline, timings of the goal, the goal scorers etc. have no impact on any corner betting markets.

Instead, the only thing that is relevant to corner betting, as you may have guessed, is corners. Corners themselves are not particularly significant during a match as they only result in a goal around 3% of the time. In betting circles though, corners are the source of much attention as many punters believe they are one of the best-value football markets around.

Corner Betting Options on Betway

There are lots of possibilities for betting on corners at Betway. Popular options include:

  • Total corners over/under – Here you simply need to bet whether the overall corner count is higher or lower than the specified amount e.g. 9.5.
  • Home/Away team corners over/under – As above but only focussing on the total corner count for one team.
  • Total corner range – Predict the correct number of corners from the available ranges e.g. 9-11.
  • First corner – The team that takes the first corner.
  • Corners win/draw/win – Which team will have the most corners?
  • Corner handicap – Which team will have the most corners when the stated handicap value is applied?

Placing Corner Bets on Betway

To find out how to bet on corners on Betway, follow the steps below.

placing corner bets on betway
  1. On the Betway Sports homepage, select ‘Football’.
  2. Next, browse from the available list of fixtures, either by date or competition. Alternatively, you can look up a specific team using the search bar.
  3. Click on a fixture to load up all markets.
  4. Subsequently, from the menu of markets listed at the top, select ‘corners’.
  5. After that, choose from one of the available corner bets by selecting the odds. This will add the selection to your betslip.
  6. Repeat the process for different matches if you want to place a multiples corner bet.
  7. Lastly, enter your stake beside the desired bet type. This will show the cost of the bet and the estimated payout. Then, finally confirm your wager.

You will find that most football matches at Betway have some corner betting options. Typically, the exceptions are low-profile contests, for example pre-season friendlies or lower-league encounters. If there are no corner markets available for a bigger fixture, you may be looking at them too far in advance.

While markets such as match result are always the first to appear, Betway often does not offer corner odds as early. If this is the case, you will just need to wait until closer to the kick-off date.

Additionally, should you wish to place a corner bet as part of a ‘bet builder/build-a-bet’, this is widely available. For this you have to select ‘Build a bet’ or ‘Bet Builder’ where the list of available markets is. Within this page, you should then find various corner markets that you can also add. This way of betting enables you to combine several betting markets from within the same match.

Managing Corner Bets on Betway

Now you know how to bet corners on Betway, we will focus on how to manage your corner bets.

Tracking Corner Bet Results

Live football matches at Betway come with a match tracker that shows the number of corners for each team. This allows you to easily keep track of the totals in real time. If you click the ‘Timeline’ button within the tracker, you can see the exact timings of each corner. This will allow you to identify patterns, see who took the first corner and other helpful stats.

Cash-Out and Editing Options

With corners betting you can sometimes Betway Cashout your bet. However, whilst some corner markets are eligible for cash out, others are not. Betway make it clear which are though, as they always put a ‘cash out’ label beside eligible markets. If you are placing a multiple/combination corners bet, all selections must be markets with the cash out symbol. Even if just one does not, this means cash out will not be available.

Editing your bets is not something Betway offers in most locations currently. Therefore, should you wish to modify your bet, you will most likely need to cash it out (if offered) and place a new wager including the desired changes.


Which sports and leagues offer corner betting options on Betway?

Corner betting is only available for football. However, you will find corner betting options across most football leagues and competitions.

Are there any specific strategies for successful corner betting on Betway?

Our top recommendation is to do your research beforehand, because this will allow you to see which bets are good value.

Are there any live corner betting options available on Betway?

Yes, corner betting options are regularly available for in-play football matches.

Can I combine corner bets with other types of bets in a multi-bet on Betway?

Yes, you can combine it with most other bet types to form a Betway multibets.

Is there a minimum or maximum stake for corner bets on Betway?

Usually, there is no minimum bet amount. There is no fixed maximum either but be aware that Betway has limits on how much players can win from a single football bet.

Are there any special promotions or bonuses for corner betting on Betway?

There are none that specifically relate to corners because Betway bonus or offers tend to be much wider in scope.

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  1. Makerngo
    I need to know how corner bet is done
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Makerngo,

      Here are some steps to follow (based on my experience):

      1. Log In
      2. Select a Match
      3. Browse Markets
      4. Find Total corners over/under 8.5 (just an example)
      5. Choose amount to bet
      6. Place bet and wait for the result.

      Hope this helps,
      Kate SB team
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