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Understanding Multi-Bets on Betway
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As one of the big global sports betting brands, Betway make sure they cover a huge amount of sporting action. With so many sporting fixtures available to gamble on, it can often be tempting to bet on several events at the same time. Having a bet that combines two or more selections is what is known as a multibet. For a long time, Betway has enabled customers to place multibets as it is an incredibly popular way of betting. To find out how multi-bets work at Betway, keep reading this short guide.

Betway Multibet

Understanding Multi-Bets on Betway

To get a basic understanding of multibets, here we will cover what they are and the different types of multiple bets that are available.

What are Multi-Bets?

betway multibet explained

To answer the question, how does multi bet work on Betway? We must first define what they are. When your stake your money on just one event this is known as a single bet. However, only when you add multiple selections to your betslip, will you have the option of placing a multibet. The key element of a multi-bets is that it combines selections in some way.

The example below includes three football matches. We could place three single bets and this would mean each bet would act independently from the rest. Alternatively, we can enter a stake in one of the multiple bet options. If we do this, we will be creating a bet that links our picks together.

MultiBet Options on Betway

The multi bet options available to you depend on how many selections you have made. For instance, if you were to bet on teams A, B, C and D to win, these would be the multi-bet options:

Four-fold (accumulator)A bet that requires all selections to be winners (ABCD).
DoubleEvery pair combination of bets (AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD).
TrebleEvery trio combination of bets (ABC, BCD, ACD, ABD).
YankeeA four-fold, six doubles and four trebles.
Lucky-15Same as Yankee but also includes four singles.

However, if we were to also bet on team E to win, the options would instead look like this:

Five-fold (accumulator) One bet on all selections (ABCDE).
Doubles Every pair combination.
TrebleEvery trio combination.
Four-foldsEvery four-way combination (ABCD, ABCE, BCDE, ABDE, ACDE).
Lucky-31Five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-folds and a five-fold.

Betting options always vary depending on how many selections your bet contains.

Betway Multi Bet Rules and Regulations

Betway multi bets rules are simple and are constituent with what you will find at other online betting websites.

Minimum and Maximum Selections

For a multi-bet, you will need to have at least two selections. With two bets, your only multibet option is a double. The maximum number of selections may vary by region, but it is 15 as standard. With your selections, you can mix and match bets from different sports and markets, giving you almost full freedom to choose what you like.

In addition, the odds of the selections do not matter either. However, you should be aware that Betway has maximum payout limits in places across sports. If your multiple bet includes multiple sports that have different upper winnings limits, the lowest limit will apply.

Multi-Bet Odds and Payouts

When placing a multibet is important to note that many of the options require more than one stake. If it says x4, this means you will need to pay four times whatever you input as the stake.

Payouts work by multiplying the odds of any winning lines you have by the stake. Any line with a losing selection does not earn you any money. If you bet on teams A, B, C and D to win, and all of them won except D, here is how various bets would look.

Winning LinesLosing Lines
DoubleAB, ACAD, BC, BD, CD

When placing your bet, the total estimated returns figure is the money you will get back if all your selections win.

Managing Multi-Bets on Betway

Now you know how multi bets work, let us take you through the process of actually placing one for yourself.

Placing Multi-Bets

Clicking the odds of any market will add the betslip to your selection. Once you have done this two or more times, you have multi bets options available at the bottom of the betslip. Decide on which multi-bet option you want and enter your desired stake in the adjacent box. Remember that your stake will be multiplied by whatever number is present on the right.

To create a multi-bet within one particular sporting match, you will need the Betway Build a Bet feature. Find the ‘Bet Builder’ option from the list of markets (if available) and add any bets from the list. You will only be able to place an accumulator bet using this feature.

Editing and Cash-Out Options

Betway cashout betslip

Cashout is available on valid multi-bets at Betway, the only exception being any bets that feature one or more each-way selections. A ‘valid’ bet, in this instance, is one that exclusively contains selections that are eligible for Betway Cash out. Helpfully, Betway indicates which markets are cash-out friendly by marking them with a green ‘cash out’ button.

In most regions, once you have confirmed your wager, you will only be able to cash it out, or let it run. You will not be able to edit the bet to add or remove individual selections.


How many selections can I include in a multibet on Betway?

Multi bets Betway usually supports up to 15 selections.

Can I combine different sports or events in a multi-bet on Betway?

You can combine different sports or events. However, you cannot combine events from the same match.

Are there any restrictions on the types of bets I can include in a multi bet?

Very few but for some bets like ‘Betway Boosts’ you can only place them as singles. You will also be unable to combine any outright bets with a match in the same competition.

What happens if one of my selections in a multi-bet is postponed or cancelled?

That part of your bet will not count. However, the rest of the bet will remain active with your payout adjusted accordingly.

Can I edit or modify my multiple bet after it has been placed on Betway?

In most regions, it is not possible to modify multi-bets that have been placed.

Are there any specific strategies or tips for increasing the chances of winning on Betway multiple bets?

We recommend not adding too many selections each time. In addition, we suggest sticking to events you have good knowledge of.

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