How to Play Roobet Crash: Strategy, Review and Guide

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roobet crash
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Crash gameOriginal Roobet title
💎 RTP96.21%
🚀 Max PayoutNo limit
🎯 How to playLog in to start

Roobet Crash game is among the 3,000 games and slots you will find at Roobet crypto casino. Online casinos are trying to develop unique games for their players, and Roobet casino has hit the nail on its head with this exciting space game.

Play Crash

How to Play Roobet Crash Online?

Playing the Roobet Crash game is simple. Below is a step-by-step guide to doing so.

play roobet crash simulator
  1. Create your account at Roobet crypto casino by clicking the yellow ‘Register’ button on the far-right corner.
  2. On the home page, locate and click the Crash game.
  3. Decide your wager and the cash-out amount on the panel on the right.
  4. Next, click the ‘Place Bet’ yellow button to start the game.
  5. Finally, be on the lookout to Cash out before the rocket crashes.

How does Roobet Crash Work?

The Roobet Crash game features an ascending rocket. The higher the rocket goes, the higher the potential winnings. Primarily, you need to cash out your wins before the rocket crashes. If it crashes before you cash out, you lose all your winnings.

Crash Roobet is mainly built on multipliers, huge rewards, and a graph-like setup. As the rocket propels up, the multiplier keeps changing. While it is at the highest, you will have the best returns. Interestingly, there is no maximum winnings cap that you should get when playing the game.

Despite the multipliers and the rocket playing a part in the win amount, the stake you place determines this greatly.

RTP and Volatility of Roobet Crash

All in-house games at Roobet have an average RTP ratio of 97%. However, the actual RTP of the Roobet Crash game is 96.21%. As a low volatility slot, the game gives you regular wins. However, they are small.

In every slot machine or casino game, the game mechanism and properties dictate how much you are likely to take home. Roobet Crash has this as well. The RTP shows how much a player will get back in a game depending on the stake size. On the other hand, the game volatility points out the winning frequency and the size of the wins you get.

Roobet Crash Strategies and Tips

roobet crash strategy

Winning at the Roobet Crash UK is not guaranteed. However, you could use Roobet Crash strategy and tips to ensure you get the best out of the game. Below are some of the strategies and tips to use.

Martingale System

The Martingale system suggests that for every loss, you should double your stake. For example, betting $5 and losing means you bet $10 in the next round. If you lose, you increase this to $20. When you get a win later at a more significant stake, you will manage to offset all the losses experienced.

Cash-out at a Multiplier of between 1.5 and 2.0

As the rocket propels, the multiplier keeps increasing. To get the best out of it, always cash out when the multiplier is between 1.5 and 2.0. This might give you small but consistent wins.

The Paroli Strategy

The Paroli strategy says that you should double the stake when you place a bet and win in Crash. However, losing means you retain the stake amount. After winning every three rounds, you return to the base bet in the Crash game.

What is the Maximum Possible Win on Roobet Crash?

roobet crash payouts

One of the biggest advantages of the Roobet Crash game is that it does not have a maximum cap for the multiplier. It is limitless. Therefore, there is no set maximum on how much you can win in the game.

However, your stake size and the multiplier you cash out at will always give you the maximum win possible for your case.

What Does the Community Think – Forums, Blogs, Threads

Roobet has a lot of returning players due to their original games and retention promo system. Fans of Roo Originals and the cashback system flock to online forums to share their expertise and comment on some winning strategies they have tried on the site. Here are the most liked and followed discussions about Roobet crash strategy we stumbled upon online:

Take a look at this forum thread for more details on the strategies real players use:

Winning crash strategy
byu/Gerf314 inRoobet

How to Cash Out in Crash Game on Roobet?

When you play Crash Roobet UK, you expect the rocket to crash at some point. But you do not have to wait as you will lose your stake. Therefore, you need to cash out.

There are two options for cashing out. One of these is the auto cash-out you set before the game starts. Here, you set the multiplier at which the graph should stop. Alternatively, you can hit the green ‘cash out’ button manually. The button is always shown on the left panel during active play.

Graphics, Animation and UX of the Crash Game

roobet crash demo

The Crash Roobet UK game is well-built in terms of user experience, graphics, and animation. In addition to serving the purpose entirely, the design of the game appeals to the player’s eye. To start, the graphics are sleek and clear. Despite being basic, they give the game an excellent aesthetic appeal that simplifies everything. The partial space theme on the game’s centre also matches the name.

The rocket, which is the game’s main component, is well animated, giving you a realistic feel of a propelling rocket that moves so fast to increase your multiplier value. When the crash happens, there is an end to the billow of golden smoke the rocket leaves, marking the end of a round.

Generally, the user experience of the game is excellent. It has fantastic clarity and a high interaction level with the player.

Roobet Crash Bonuses and Promotions

Currently, there are no specific offers for the Roobet Crash game in the promotions section of the Roobet casino. However, all Roobet Crash players can enjoy all the offers available for all players.

However, the multiplier itself in this game is enough to keep the players engaged, anticipating and playing. This is so because it keeps changing when cashing out.

Of course, you can use our promo code and register for a Roobet bonus. This will reward you a welcome bonus of up to 20% Cashback, which you can use on this original game.

  • Roobet promo code:

What are some Roobet Crash Alternatives

One of the most recognisable alternative of Crash is the Aviator Game by Spribe. You can find it on most online casinos. Other alternatives on Roobet include games like Plinko, Slide, Roo Bonanza, Mines and more.


Can I play the Roobet Crash simulator from the UK, the US, and other countries?

You cannot legally play Roobet Crash from the UK, US, and several other countries as they are restricted.

Do I need a VPN to play Roobet Crash?

If you are playing from a restricted country, you may use a VPN to take a look at the game but we do not recommend signing up.

What is the minimum and maximum bet amount for Roobet Crash?

The Crash Roobet simulator game has a minimum bet of 0.01, while the maximum is $2000 in your cryptocurrency.

Can I play Roobet for free?

Yes, you can play the Roobet Crash game in demo mode.

Can I use a predictor to hack the game?

No, there isn’t really a Roobet Crash predictor or roobet crash algorithm you can trust. Most are just code that can harm your computer or phone.

Is playing Roobet Crash part of the allowed gambling regulations?

All in all, original crash games no matter the casino brand get regulated and legal as part of the casino licensing. So if Roobet casino is available in your region so will the game be.

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