Roobet Towers: Strategies, Tips & Guide How to Play

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Towers gameOriginal by Roobet
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💎 RTP~99%
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Towers is an increasingly popular proprietary crypto game that offers sleek graphics and some of the best odds online. A seemingly simple game at first glance, it doesn’t take long to realize this is a game of skill, part of Roobet Originals library. Whether new to Towers or not, our Rootbet Towers guide will help you to master the basics and learn some betting strategies while you learn how to play Towers on Roobet. Reach new heights with our guide.

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How to Play Towers on Roobet?

There is nothing complicated involved when it comes to placing a wager on Rootbet Towers. While the game does include options that allow you to multiply your bet amount, for the most part, if you want to play Towers by Roobet, all you need to do is follow our How to Play Towers on Roobet Guide below:

how to play roobet towers
  1. Navigate to Roobet via the link above.
  2. Login to your Roobet account
  3. Navigate to the “Roobet Games” section and
  4. Click on “Towers” and enter a bet amount.
  5. Select a level of difficulty (Scary, Spooky, Easy, Medium, Hard).
  6. Click the “Play” button.

Best Roobet Towers Strategies and Tips

roobet towers cash out

One of the factors that many players find appealing about Towers Roobet it the game’s simplicity. Let’s face it, there really isn’t anything complicated about the game, so looking for a hack is kind of pointless. Ultimately, the game is all about focusing on winning streaks.

Therefore, we have developed a list of Towers Strategies and tips you can use to help you develop a winning strategy.

Select the right difficulty level

Selecting the right difficulty level in Towers really comes down to your budget and what level of risk you are comfortable with. If you prefer to limit your risk, the easy mode is your best option. However, if you are a risk-taker, the hard mode may be your best option.

Play Frequently

As we mentioned, Towers is not about chasing the big wins, it is all about accumulating small wins, The best way to do that is to play frequently so that you can focus on accumulating and cashing out small wins. Trust us, these add up over time and are sustainable, whereas chasing big wins is not.

Cash Out Your Modest Wins

Regardless of which difficulty level you choose, cashing out your modest wins is one of the best strategies you can follow when playing Towers. This is especially important when on a winning streak as they eventually come to an end. Therefore, always remember to cash out after a modest win streak as it allows you to pocket the profits and set them aside for the next time you play Towers.

Pros and Cons of Roobet Towers

roobet casino towers game

Every game at Roobet offers a list of pros and cons that make can impact the overall gaming experience. Some of the pros and cons may resonate with some players while for others they may not. Here is the list of pros and cons we unearthed while playing Towers on Roobet:

  • Hits
  • Unique proprietary crypto game
  • Sophisticated design with sleek graphics
  • Provably fair backed by 256-bit encryption
  • Above-average payout percentages
  • Misses
  • Does not offer multi-player options

Roobet Towers Game Rules, Interface and Mechanics

roobet towers gameplay

Before you try Roobet Originals Towers, it is important for you to understand the interface, mechanics and game rules. They are fairly straightforward as the interface simulates a board game where the game itself is shown to the right, the payouts are on the left and the mechanics are underneath.

Fortunately, the mechanics are not complicated as they include the bet amount, level of difficulty and option to change the game seed. However, while the mechanics are not complicated, the level of difficulty chosen means the complxity of the changes as the number of columns change. For example, Scary and Easy modes have four columns, Spooky and Medium modes have three and Hard has two.

As for the game rules, they are also straightforward and easy to understand:

Game Rules
  • To play Roobet Towers, you must enter a bet amount and select a difficulty level.
  • Each game offers eight floors with two to four doors, one of which has a monster.
  • At the conclusion of each floor, there is an option to cash out.
  • The multiplier received for each floor increases based on the level of difficulty.
  • The game ends once the eighth floor has been reached.

Roobet Towers Odds and Payouts

roobet towers payout

As Towers game by Roobet offers five difficulty modes (Scary, Spooky, Easy, Medium, Hard), the odds and payouts for Towers game depend on the mode you select. The Scary mode offers a 25% chance of winning, Spooky mode offers a 33% chance of winning, Hard mode offers a 50% of winning, the Medium mode offers a 66% chance of winning, while Easy mode offers a 75% chance of winning.

As for the payouts, they are dependent on the bet amount and the floor you progress to within the game. There is no max cap on winnings. There is a leaderboards you can check. Right now the biggest Roobet Towers win is around $360K. As there are only eight floors, the payout for each level increases, but this is only payable if you cash out.

What are some Towers Roobet Alternatives

Roobet is known for its unique approach to gaming online. So it is hardly surprising they boast so many original titles similar to Towers. Some of the best games have to do with cashing out while having fun playing. Some alternatives are listed below.


Is Roobet and Towers safe?

Yes, Roobet is licensed by the Government of Curacao and that ensures that Roobet and Towers by Roobet are safe.

Is Roobet Towers a provably fair game?

Yes, Towers is a provably fair game, a fact that is verifiable via the “Fair” tab at the bottom of the Roobet website. Applies to all difficulty levels.

Can I wager Bitcoin on Roobet Towers?

Yes, you can wager Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, and Ethereum on Towers as part of the crypto gambling experience.

Is there a Roobet Towers hack that works every time?

There are no Towers hacks, predictors, generators and other gimmicks you can trust. It is a game that is provably fair and cannot be manipulated. Don’t fall for such tricks that litter the online gambling scene.

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