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roobet weekly cashback
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📅 Weekly Cashback Dateevery Sunday
💸 Possible Rakeback% returns based on wins and losses
🏆 Higher Weekly Cash Backexclusively for VIP players
👉 Roobet weekly cashback linkVIP link here

Roobet is one of the most attractive new cryptogambling sites that offer exciting features and excellent promotions. One such offer is the Roobet Weekly Cashback which will be perfect for gamblers who want to secure their gambling sessions and benefit from good rewards.

Weekly Cashback Direct Link

The Roobet Cashback Program can help you restore part of your losses as part of Roowards. The rakeback promised you an extra boost and will help you keep on playing. More about the features of this operator you can find in our dedicated Roobet Casino review. Let’s now see how much weekly cash back you can expect, when the next date is and how to calculate your weekly giveaway based on your wins, losses and VIP level.

Roobet Weekly Bonus Calculator

Calculate your weekly cashback and rakeback as part of Roobet roowards in under 2 minutes here!

As you see from the calculator here, the amount of money-back giveaway depends on your losses during the last 7 days. The calculator also takes into account your deposits for the week minus the withdrawals. The greater that number, the bigger the rakeback. Also VIP players get boosted cashback rewards depending on their status level. For more details contact your Roobet manager for help.

How Roobet Weekly Cashback Works

The cashback promotion of Roobet has specific terms and several major details need to be explained. You can find more information in the next paragraphs of this guide.

Overview of Cashback Program

The cashback offer is available every week (claim it on Sundays), which makes it intriguing enough. To be eligible for the Weekly Roobet Cashback Program, you have to have reached the specific level of the Roowards programme.

Calculation and Eligibility

level up for weekly cashback roobet

Keep in mind that you can trigger the Roobet Weekly Cashback once you have wagered at least $1,500 at Roobet. Then, your status will be levelled-up and you will be able to increase your weekly cashback bonus.

The cashback bonus will be in the form of loss-back rewards, which will be calculated based on the registered deposits minus the withdrawals throughout the week.

Benefits and Advantages of Roobet Weekly Cashback

roobets rewards weekly rakeback

The Roobet Cashback Program can provide you with a unique chance to customize your gambling session. The greatest advantage is that you can lower your losses and receive back part of the money that you have wagered.

Incentives for Players

The Roobet Weekly Cashback can offer you the chance to minimize your losses, but it will help you prepare your gaming strategy better.

This is because the weekly cashback is a perfect option for you to make a plan on how to gamble over the next week, using the funds that you have already restored from the previous one. You can also use other Roobet promo code offers for even better gambling performance.

Cashback Rewards and Limits

The cashback rewards program of Roobet is tied to the level that you have reached. Therefore, the higher the level that you achieve, the better the cashback rewards that you can get.

For example, once you have played enough at Roobet and have reached Level 1, then you will be eligible to benefit from the weekly cashback offer. Your wagers, though, need to have been at least $1,500. The Roobet rewards system offers other great opportunities that you shouldn’t miss.

How to Claim Roobet Weekly Cashback

claim roobet weekly cash back

Claiming the Roobet Weekly Cashback is not a difficult task to complete. You can find more details on how to benefit from this particular rewarding scheme in the paragraphs below.

Cashback Redemption Process

The process of redeeming points and unlocking levels with various cashback reward options is not that hard. There are specific details to outline though. Here is what you can do to benefit from the cashback rewards.

  • As a brand-new player, you will not be able to qualify for a reward.
  • The more you play at the casino site, the better your chances of unlocking a new level.
  • While you play and wager, you earn points. Depending on the number of pints that you have collected, the system will offer you the chance to enter a new level.
  • The number of collected points depends on the amount of your wagers.

Timing and Availability

Once you have collected the required amount of points, you can use them immediately to unlock the specific level and boost your account. Thus, you can also claim the cashback offer as soon as possible. You need to do it within 7 days, though.


How does the Roobet Weekly Cashback program work?

Once you collect a specific amount of points, you will be able to unlock the required level and claim the available Roobet Weekly Cashback.

Who is eligible to receive cashback through the Roobet Weekly Cashback program?

Only players who have reached the required level will be eligible for the offer. You need to deposit at Roobet and place wagers to earn points.

How is the cashback amount calculated for each player?

The cashback amount is calculated based on the deposits and withdrawals that you have made during the previous week.

Is there a limit on the maximum cashback I can receive each week?

The cashback amount will depend on the gambling activity that you have registered as a player.

When is the cashback credited to my Roobet account?

As soon as you collect the required amount of points, you will be able to level up and claim the cashback offer.

Are there any specific wagering requirements or conditions to qualify for the cashback?

To be able to benefit from the cashback offer, you need to have wagered a minimum of $1,500.

Can I receive cashback on all games played on Roobet?

In most cases, some of the top Roobet games will be eligible for the cashback offer. When you receive the cashback offer, you have to check the major terms.

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