Roobet Dice Strategy: Tested Tips (2024’s Guide)

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Roobet Dice is an exciting dice game that adds a layer of simplicity and complexity that many players find irresistible. With simplicity and complexity at the forefront of the game, it is not uncommon to use betting strategies to gain an edge. Fortunately, there are a number of betting strategies that players frequently use to win on Roobet casino and its original game Dice. This article looks at those betting strategies and explains why using a Roobet Dice strategy is important.

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How to Play Dice on Roobet?

Silentbet team has explained the steps how to start a game of Dice by Roobet online. Just follow these steps:

how to play roobet dice
  1. Go to the official site of the casino.
  2. Select the GAMES menu and look for Originals.
  3. Launch the game Dice and choose mode – demo or real.
  4. Log in to place a real-money wager.
  5. Pick Manual or Auto play and roll the dice.

Roobet Dice Explained

roobet dice game

Unlike many dice games, Roobet Dice is a high-quality dice variant that allows you to pick your own odds. The useability is high as it offers the option to play manually or in auto mode. There is also a bet amount selector, a game mode selector and a slow mode selector.

To begin playing, the rules require bettors to select one of five game modes. After selecting the mode (the higher the mode, the higher the risk), you can use the slider to change the range of numbers you are betting on. As you adjust the slider, the win chance will change, as will the multiplier and roll below number. If the accumulated total of the dice lands within the green zone, you win and if the dice total lands in the red zone, you lose.

While the game is simple enough to play, there are a number of options that allow you to customize the gameplay.

Unique Features

free dice game on roobet

The game allows for two modes of operation making it perfect for employing more than one working strategies.

Manual Mode

Manual mode is the first game option you can avail. If opting to use the manual mode option, you simply need to enter your bet amount and decide whether you want to roll over or under the 50% mark on the line. Prepare for each subsequent bet. The manual mode also offers the option to multiply your bet by half. Likewise, you can double your bet or choose the max bet option.

Manual is perfect if you want to avoid a losing streak. It does not give you the house edge, though.

Auto Mode

Auto mode is similar to the manual mode only instead of playing manually, you are playing in auto mode. The difference between the two is the number of setting options as auto mode introduces a number of other options.

The number of bets you want to play defines how long the dice automatically roll. The “On Win” and “On Loss” tabs determine the percentage your bet will increase after a win and how much it will decrease after a loss, and the “Stop on Profit” and “Stop on Loss” determine when you want to stop playing.

What Roobet Dice Strategies Are There?

roobet dice strategy

While playing a dice game is not overly complicated, there are several Roobet strategies that players find useful. Fortunately, the original game Dice is compatible with many of the strategies used in Blackjack and Roulette. Below is an explanation of those strategies and how they apply to Roobet Dice.

Tip #1: Use the Martingale Dice Strategy

One of the strategies that many players use to give them an edge is the Martingale dice strategy. The Martingale strategy is based on a technique that you statistically cannot lose every time.

Adapting this system to DICE by Roobet casino recommends that players cash out whenever the multiplier hits 1.5x or 2x the bet amount. This will allow for an increased number of small wins versus one large win as using this system requires the bettor to double their bet after a loss until such time as the amount lost is covered by the amount won.

Tip #2: Try the Inverse Martingale Strategy (Paroli Strategy)

The inverse Martingale strategy is another popular system that is essentially identical to the Paroli system. This system can be used in the same way it is used for any game of chance. The strategy requires you to increase your bet when winning versus increasing your bet when you lose.

For example, you start with a minimal bet of $5, if you win, you should double your bet to $10. If you win the next dice roll, you double your bet to $20 and if that bet wins, you double it again to $40. After the third consecutive win, you reduce your bet to your initial stake and start the process over.

Tip #3: Learn the Break-Even Martingale Dice Strategy

This betting strategy uses the same principles that are used with the Martingale system, except that the initial stage of betting doesn’t double the bet until the third or fourth dice roll. While this technique may prolong losses, the wins tend to be larger.

For example, a player starts with an initial bet of $5, if the dice roll results in a loss, the next bet should be for the same amount. If the second bet loses, then the bet amount is doubled to $10 and win or lose, the fourth bet is also doubled to $10. Over time, the larger bets should cover the losses and provide a minimal amount of profit.

Tip #4: Don’t Overlook the D’Alembert’s Strategy

The D’Alembert’s Strategy was created on the belief that the outcome of a round is influenced by the previous round. By this, we mean that is if the multiplier for the previous round was x2, the odds are that the next outcome will be different. Based on that, D’Alembert’s Strategy dictates that if you lose, you increase your bet by one and if you win, you decrease your bet by one.

For example, if you start with an initial bet of $2, and you lose, your next bet should be doubled to $4. If that bet results in a loss, you increase your bet to $6, and if that bet wins, you decrease your bet to $4.

Tip #5: Trust the Stake-Based Dice Strategy

Using a stake-based dice strategy is also favoured as it focuses on a go big or go home mentality. It functions on the premise that there are two ways to play, bet small and play it safe or bet higher stakes in hopes of better returns.

For example, if you opt to play it safe and start with an initial bet of $2 with a x2 multiplier and you win, you profit $2. However, if you start with an initial bet of $20 with a x2 multiplier and you win, you profit $40. Considering the 50/50 rule of success, your wins will exceed your losses.

Tip #6: Adopt the Oscar’s Grind Strategy

If you are the type of player who likes to grind, you will likely appreciate the Oscar’s Grind strategy. The premise behind this strategy is that you should play every round with the same bet amount and continue betting that amount regardless of whether you win or lose. The only deviance to this is if you win after a loss, in that case, you double your bet.

For example, if you have a $200 bankroll and opt for an initial stake amount of $20, a typical Oscar’s Grind strategy would look something like this:

Round #1st2nd3rd4th
Intiital bet$20$20$20$40

Why Use Dice Strategies?

One of the most prevalent reasons for using dice strategies is to increase your odds of winning. The reality is, most dice games like Roobet dice feature a variety of betting options. It is not hard to get distracted by those features in an attempt to gain an advantage.

However, by using the right dice strategy, you can focus on your bets versus the betting options or the mechanics of the game and over the long term, that should translate into increased profits.

Limits & Payouts

roobet dice payout

With a RTP of 98.6% and high volatility, Dice by Roobet also comes with high max payout. Bear in mind, that these have no impact on the minimum and maximum bet amounts ($0.01 – $20,000), nor the max win amount ($500,000).

Here are the highest wins on the Roobet’s original game of Dice so far:

  • $416,841.99 – with a 20.84x multiplier and $20,000.00 wager
  • $299,207.46 – with a 133.78x multiplier and $2,236.50 wager
  • $132,000.00 – with a 6.60x multiplier and $20,000.00 wager

More Roobet Original Games to Try

The top pick on the site are usually the games Roobet casino made themselves. These branded original titles are part of the top games at Roobet casino in 2024. The best alternatives to the Dice game are probably Mines, Crash & the new Towers casino game.

Final Verdict

When we evaluate the dice strategies we mentioned above that actually help you make money, it is obvious that the emphasis is on minimising your losses and maximising your profits. That is certainly the case for most games of chance as they are suitable for players who want a good return on their investment, both in profits and time spent accumulating them. Overall, any of the strategies mentioned in this article are suitable for achieving those results.


What’s the best Roobet dice strategy?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, the best Roobet dice strategy is one that you are comfortable with and one that aligns with your bankroll.

What other casino games are there at Roobet?

There are many other casino games at Roobet, such as crash games, slots, card games, and live dealer games.

Can I win more if I use a Roobet Dice strategy?

While there is no guarantee that you will win more with a strategy, betting strategies are known for helping bettors achieve increased profitability.

What is the RTP for the Roobet game of Dice?

The RTP for Roobet Dice is 98.6%.

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