How to Delete Betway Account?

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  • Close account via email at
  • Copy the email template in this article
  • 24-48 hours before closure takes effect
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The only way you can delete Betway account is by email. Contact customer service at and provide them with your name, email, and age. Include your Betway account number if you know it. Also, remember to use the same email address when sending the request for account closure as the one you used during registration. This will help betway speed up your account deactivation.

Steps to Deactivate Your Account on Betway

Betway account deletion steps are simple whether you use your computer or smartphone. First, make sure you withdraw any money from your account, then apply the following steps:

Betway delete account steps
  1. Contact Betway customer support via email at
  2. Write an email to the operator clearly stating your wish to delete your account.
  3. Provide reasons why you wish to close your account although this is only optional.
  4. Include your name, email address, and username of the account you want to delete.
  5. Send the email and wait for a reply with instructions on how to delete your betway account.
  6. Delete Betway account

Ensure you use the email you provided upon registration to contact Betway when deleting your account. This will remove any doubts from the operator and make the entire process hassle-free. You can then wait for the operator to reply.

Katerina Gadzheva, Betting Expert & Writer for Silentbet
Katerina Gadzheva
Still not sure what to do? Check out my guide: how to delete all your betting accounts. It is bound to have some useful tips you can apply.

How to Close My Betway Account Via Email

Now that you know that the best and fastest way to deactivate your account at Betway permanently is via email, you need to start working on your draft. At Silentbet, we take our research very seriously. So what I did was go through all steps in the account deactivation process. Firstly, I started by sending an email to the betway customer service team. It took me less than 5 minutes to draft the email and send it to the customer care team.


Example of an Email Template Draft

Betway account deletion email draft

Here is my template for the Betway email account shutdown message. You can use it if you don’t want to bother coming up with your own email draft. Alternatively, use just bits of it and tweak the rest.

To: Betway Support /
Subject: Permanent Closure of my Betway Account

Dear Betway Support Team,

My name is XXX. I am XXX year old and have an account on your website (my account number is XXX; my username is XXX)

I would like to stop using the services of your betting site for the time being. As a result, I would need your help with the permanent deletion of my betway account.

The reason why I want you to delete my profile is that I want to take some time away from gambling as I need a break.

I hope you will assist me. Here are my personal details.

Username: XXX
Email: XXX

(Add your username or email here)

How To Deactivate My Betway Account Via Live Chat?

how to deactivate Betway account

Getting to chat with a real person on betway is harder than we imagined. The site no longer has a dedicated Contact Us page for some of its domains. So it was really difficult locating the Betway contacts page. We had to go to the HELP section. Then, we read on of the FAQs articles. At the bottom of it we chose the option –YES in the Do You Need More Help link. Thus, finally we maged to start the betway chat after login.

Of course, another problem was the BOT integrated in some of the betway sites. So if you need to talk with a real person and not a generating-answers AI machine, opt for Betway South Africa or Nigeria chats. Or, of course, wait until the live chat working hours are on.


Chat Transcript Sample

Ultimately, we did manage to find a person to chat with. However, their solution to our account closure problem was to send an email to the support team.

Betwat Support: Welcome to Betway Support. How may I assist you?
I: Hello, my name is XXX. I have an account with you (Acc. No. XXX). Can you help me delete it?

Betway Support: We are sorry to see you go. Do you mind sharing the reason why you would like us to close your account?
I: I simply would like to take a break.

Betway Support: Of course. Here is what you will need to do. Write an email to our support team and they will be happy to help you.

*Real-life transcript of a live chat session I had with a betway support representative on the 30th of September, 2022. This scenario is unlikely to repeat itself.

How Long Will Shutting Down My Profile Take

how to cancel Betway account

It will take you more or less 2 days before your commence to delete your betway account once and for all Even if you opt for the live chat and get a reply within minutes, you will still need to write the deactivation request email to betway and then wait for their reply. All in all, it is not that bad considering that the efforts on your part are minimum.

Average Time to Close Account
Up to 48 hours
Live Chat
Instantly (within ~ 10 mins)

Reasons for Betway Account Deletion

Punters who want to delete Betway account have their reasons. And although the bookmaker does not need a justification for your actions, players who are considering this step may be curious to know the reasons for it. Most customers who want to have their betway accounts terminated do so because they want to:

  • take a break from gambling
  • stop betting once and for all
  • sign up at another bookmaker instead
  • have trouble sticking to the self-imposed limits

What Are Some Responsible Gambling Options to Closing Betway Account?

how to close Betway account alternatives

Some punters may want to take a longer break from betting. That is why bookmakers like Betway allow their customers to permanently delete their accounts irrespective of the reasons. You can also opt for the self-exclusion service, which is available to ensure responsible gambling. Deleting your Betway account will permanently keep you from using any Betway services, including bonuses and promotions. Once the account is closed, you will still be unable to access your winnings or check your betting history.

Before resorting to permanent account closure at Betway, consider a simpler alternative, most of which show that this operator is one of the many brands that support responsible gambling. This bookmaker is renowned for its responsible gambling procedures in place. It is wise to look through the options of self-exclusion for shorter period of time before taking the final step of profile deactivation. It is not an irreversible state of affairs, still it may be a hassle trying to re-open your betway account should you change your mind later on.


Cool Off – How to take a break?

A self-imposed cool-off at Betway will allow you to take a break from gambling on this site. It is the perfect tool that will allow you to take control of your account without having reasons to close it down. Cool-offs will not allow players access for a period of 24 hours.


Self-Exclusion – Perfect for longer periods without gambling

This service allows you to temporarily close down your Betway profile. Shut down your betting account for a period of 3 to 6 months. During this time, you will be forbidden access. Nothing you do can life the self-exclusion until the time is up, not even asking customer support for help.


Permanent Self-Exclusion – Shut down the account forever

When you self-exclude for an indefinite amount of time, you will, in other words, permanently deactivate betway account. Why do it? Well, it depends. Maybe you want to stop betting as a whole. Maybe you want to try another bookmaker. Whatever the reason for your self exclusion period, remember there is no going back.


Temporary Suspension – Self-imposed or suspended account?

Suspensions are usually not self-inflicted. If you end up waking up to your betway suspended account, there is a valid reason for it. Usually, it is due to security reasons or technical issues. The suspension will last for a month until the checks are being performed.


Deposit Limits – How to put limits on your deposits?

Another excellent way to stay in control without shutting down your betway account is by limiting the amount you may send to your betting profile. The responsible gambling tool for deposit limits will allow you to set a low maximum limit. Thus you won’t be able to top up your account with too much money.

How to Reopen My Betway Account If I Self-Exclude?

Registration at Betway

After the self-exclusion cool-off period is over, your account will NOT open automatically. This is largely because of the responsible gambling policy that betway follows. If you want to reactivate your account by signing up to Betway (see how here) in 3 months, for instance, you will need to contact the support team. Give them your name, account number and the approximate date you set the self-exclusion in place. Explain why you wanted temporary account suspension and why you now want access to your betting profile. If there are no issues present, you will have your account reactivated within 24 hours.

Betway Alternatives – Best Sites to Try by Country

If you close down betway profile, you may need another alternative site to open a new account with. Some brands have similar options and casino games making them the perfect Betway alternatives. Here are some suggestions by Silentbet depending on your country of residence.


za flag
Best sites like Betway SA

If you are from South Africa and want an alternative to Betway after account deletion, then here are our top two choices. Silentbet has tested and tried each one.


Licensed by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, Hollywoodbets is one of SA best betting sites. It is perfect for spina zonke bets, bet games, lucky numbers and more. It also comes with no deposit bonuses in ZAR.

Visit Hollywoodbets


Live since 1997, Sportingbet is a UK brand that also operates in South Africa. It has a valid license by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. It has apps for iOS and Android and allows for bonuses after FICA registration.

Visit Sportingbet


ca flag
More alternatives to Betway for Canada

Betting in Canada once you close your Betway account is possible if you sign up with a trustworthy brand. Here are Silentbet’s top picks for CA.


This Swedish brand is online since 2016. Now Betsafe is a recognised brand in Canada. Opt for it if you want quality casino games, 24/7 support, and fast payments. It also has two apps you can download on mobile for betting on the go.

Visit Betsafe


Here is a crypto casino site that is making the rounds in Canada. We are referring to, of course. With its original games like Dice, Limbo, Mine and Plink, Stake casino is in a class of its own. It features loyalty program with VIP levels and CAD monthly giveaways.

Visit Stake


Must I give reasons why I want to delete Betway account?

Yes, it is courteous to explain why you wish to close your Betway account.

How long will it take before I receive a reply from the operator?

It will take less than 24 hours for you to receive a reply from the Betway operator that ensures you will have no access to your account settings.

Can I access my Betway account balance after deleting my account?

No, you can’t access your balance after you delete your betway account.

Will I have access to my gambling history after account closure?

No, you won’t have access to your betting history once you permanently close your account.

What will happen with my remaining funds?

Betway will allow you to withdraw any remaining funds before account shut-down.

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  1. Shyreen
    I won't to delete my account as soon as possible
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Shyreen,

      Use the email template above and send Betway your name, username, number and ID number and request account closure.

      Kate, SB team
  2. layton
    i dont have anymore my old phone so my number has change
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Layton,

      You do not need a phone number to delete your account. Write to and give them your email address.

      Kate SB team
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