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Social casino games are highly entertaining and perfect for anyone who enjoys social interaction while gaming online. Typically, social casino games 2023 are played via apps and sites where you can gamble for fun. However, the latest trend for online social casinos is the interactive aspect of gaming and the addition of real money social casino games.

As such, our team was tasked with finding the best social casino games that you can play for real money. The goal was simply to save our readers the time and effort of having to do so by themselves.

🚀 Aviator#1 Social Casino Game for 2023
🎲 DiceMost Buzz-Worthy Game on the Socials
📍 PlinkoMost Popular Social Casino Game
📈 HiLoBest Social Casino Game for Mobile
🏁 LimboNewest Social Casino Game for 2023
💣 MinesExcellent Social Casino Game
Icefield YetiHighly Entertaining and Free
🦎 DinoBest Social Game Chat
🌀 SlideTop Rated Social Game for Crypto
KenoBest RNG Social Game
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List of Top 10 Social Casino Games Online

Silentbet tested and reviewed 2023‘s best social casino games for real money. Here is a list of the top 10 games:

  1. #1 Aviator
  2. #2 Dice
  3. #3 Plinko
  4. #4 HiLo
  5. #5 Limbo
  6. #6 Mines
  7. #7 Icefield Yeti
  8. #8 Dino
  9. #9 Slide
  10. #10 Keno

#1 Aviator / Crash

Aviator game by Spribe

Aviator and Crash are among the first social casino games ever released at real money casinos. As two of the most popular real money social casino games, both based are simple games of chance. The goal is to enter a bet amount, a cashout at amount and cash out before the rocket or plane crashes. While Aviator free game offers in-game chat, Crash does not, but they still are defined as social casino games. Subsequently, each lets you can view other players’ results and see how many people are playing.

  • Pros
  • Highly interactive
  • Unlimited multipliers
  • Socially competitive
  • Cons
  • Does not offer a community forum

Where can I play Aviator or Crash?

If interested in playing Aviator, you can do so at BC.Game, and Fortunejack. And for Crash, you can play at Stake, Rollbit, Roobet and GamDom.


#2 Dice

Dice Stake auto game

Dice is another real money social casino game that has gained notoriety amongst social casino game enthusiasts. The game requires players to select a multiplier, enter a bet amount, set the winning chance and roll the dice. And while Dice lacks the attributes of a social casino game, it fits with the overall theme of social casino gaming. Therefore, you won’t find chat rooms or forums dedicated to Dice, nor will find social media pages dedicated to Dice.

  • Pros
  • Highly interactive
  • Unlimited multipliers
  • Socially competitive
  • Cons
  • Does not offer a community forum

Where can I play Dice Original?

However, if you are interested in playing Dice, you can at real money casinos like Stake, Betfury and MyStake.


#3 Plinko Plinko Rules

Plinko is a social casino game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys playing a simple game. While this game also lacks a chat room, it is one of the new-generation games developed by Spribe. One of the top 10 social casino games online, it requires you select a bet amount, and risk amount. We should point out Plinko is not actively discussed on social media.

  • Pros
  • Low risk game
  • Low betting limits
  • Easy to play
  • Cons
  • Does not offer a chat

Where can I play Plinko?

This is a Spribe original game. There are other variants as well. Some Plinko provably fair games can be played at online casinos like Stake, MyStake, CoinPlay and Rollbit.


#4 HiLo

Gamdom Casino Hilo on iOS

HiLo is another original game that was designed to cater to players who like socially themed casino games. As one of the top social casino games, its social gaming status is more based on the type of game. This is due to it offering next to no few social aspects other than being able see other players’ results. Similarly, you will also find its not one actively discussed on socials, but it is a strategically-friendly game.

  • Pros
  • Low risk game
  • Low betting limits
  • Easy to play
  • Cons
  • No chat for players

Where can I play HiLo?

If you like card-themed games, you can play HiLo at, GamDom, BetFury and MyStake.


#5 Limbo

limbo game on stake

Limbo is a rather interesting game that is liked by many who prefer social themed casino games. A simple game, the goal is to set a target multiplier and place a bet on the outcome. Unfortunately, this game lacks a chat room or a community forum. Nor will you find it has a large social presence, but it does offer wins up to 1,000,000x.

  • Pros
  • Low-risk social game game
  • Low betting limits
  • A breeze to play
  • Cons
  • No chat available

Where can I play Limbo?

Expectantly, it is one of several social casino games you can play at BC.Game, Betfury, MyStake and Stake social casino.


#6 Mines

mines game on stake

Mines is an original social casino game that was developed by Spribe or in-house. Similar to other social casino games online, Mines requires you select the variable of mines and enter a bet amount. The goal is then to search the minefield and cash out being hitting a bomb. And while it is seen as a social casino game, it fails to offer a chat room, nor is it activity discussed on social media.

  • Pros
  • Lots of tips
  • Ideal for new players
  • Low-risk strategies
  • Cons
  • No multiplayer option

Where can I play Mines?

This social original is featured at real money online casinos like, Betfury and Roobet.


#7 Icefield Yeti

icefield mystake game

Icefield Yeti is another social casino game that offers multiple options that will appeal to social casino game players. With low betting limits and an adjustable icefield, it offers unlimited multipliers and early cash out options. Similar to other social games, gameplay requires you select the game grid and bet amount and cashout before the yeti falls through the ice.

  • Pros
  • Mini Game
  • Provably fair
  • Cashout button
  • Cons
  • No forum

Where can I play Yeti Icefield?

Fortunately, Icefield Yeti comes with a chat room, and it can be played at Rollbit. There is also a MyStake Icefield mini game to try for free or real money after login.


#8 Dino Mini Game

Dino MyStake mini game

If you love dinosaur themed games, Dino is a social game developed by UpGaming you will find appealing. As a social game, it features a colourful and interactively themed background. There is also an active in-game chat room that lets you chat with other players. As for forums, none were found, nor did we see a strong social media presence. However, playing the game is as easy as setting the collect amount, placing your bet and cashing out before a meteor hits dino.

  • Pros
  • Double Bet feature
  • Multiplier in place
  • A cool mini game
  • Cons
  • No multiplay version yet

Where can I play Dino game?

Fortunately, MyStake Dino game is available online. It comes in play-for-fun and play-for-real mode.


#9 Slide

Stake slide rules

Slide is an original social casino game that is easy to play and master and one with simple graphics. Like most of the originals at crypto casinos that fit the definition of a social casino game, there are no chat options. However, the game has a loyal following and only requires you to set the bet amount and target multiplier.

  • Pros
  • Lots of variants
  • Games in demo mode
  • Free tokens
  • Cons
  • No chat room

Where can I play Slide?

And while you will not see much of a social presence about the game, you will find it at Stake and Bluechip.


#10 Keno

Stake keno gameplay

Keno is a massively popular social casino game and one that has long been known for its social gaming qualities. As a widely avaialble game, it offers simple gameplay that requires you to set the risk and bet amount. Beyond that, you only need to choose between one and ten numbers or can use the auto pick feature.

  • Pros
  • Play-for-fun mode present
  • Tokens for free play
  • Real-money mode on
  • Cons
  • No forum in-game

Where can I play Keno?

As for a social media presence, it may be non-existent, but the game of offered at MyStake, Betfury and

How We Pick the Top Social Casino Games

How we pick the top online social casino games is similar to the process we undertake on how we pick the best social online casinos. However, the difference between the two requires we evaluate a game based on a variety of factors. The main factors we use to pick the top social casino games include a game’s social media presence, social interaction for players, chat room and forums and a game’s overall popularity.

  • Social Media Presence – A game’s social media presence can often identify its popularity and overall appeal. We look into a game’s social media presence and evaluate if it is actively discussed on social media platforms.
  • Social Interaction for Players – We also determine the modes a game offers social interaction between players. Some of the things we look for include social media outlets, chat rooms and forums.
  • Chat Room and Forums – Chat rooms and forums always increase a game’s overall status as a social casino game. We verify if a game offers a chat room and investigate it there are forums dedicated to discussing each game.
  • Overall Popularity – Lastly, we base our decision on a game’s overall popularity. While chat rooms, forums, and social presence matter, ultimately, it is a game’s popularity that matters most.

What is a Social Game?

social casino games

It is not uncommon for people to ask what are social casino games. Essentially, a social game is one that is played online via social media networks. Typically, a social game will offer multiplayer game mechanics or a platform that that allows for multiplayer gameplay.


Social casino game definition

The definition of a social casino game is one that is free-to-play and typically hosted on social media sites (*Source: Wikipedia). However, what are social casino games may also include a real money casino game that is hosted at an online casino. Either or both produce results via RNG software and algorithms that are designed to engage and enhance gameplay.


What makes a game social?

In case you’re curious, there are several factors that make a game social. Generally, what makes a game social is its ability to let people interact with other players. This is can be done through the addition of chat rooms or through forums and social media sites.

Types of Social Casino Games

When playing a social game at an online social casino, you will find they offer several options. The first of those are games that are designated as “Games of Chance, while the second is designated as a tabletop game.

Tabletop games

Tabletop games provide the ability to sit face to face with other players. An example of a tabletop game that lets you sit face to face is poker. The social element of this game comes from the interaction between the two. Likewise, players can interact socially via adjoining chat rooms or via forums.

Games of chance

Games of chance are different than tabletop games are they are based on an algorithm with chance elements. Several examples of games of chance that can be played online are Aviator, Crash and Plinko. Each is socially engineered with chance elements, and each provides various social features, like chat rooms.

Live Online Gambling

Similar to non-live social games, live online gambling provides an element of social gaming via chat and live streams. The main ingredient to live online gambling that makes is social is the interaction with dealers. As live online games are hosted by live dealers, players are able to interact socially with each other and dealers simultaneously. Moreover, live casinos are hosted in virtual studios, which adds an additional social element to the gaming experience.

New Generation Online Social Gaming

The most modern type of social real money games available online are the ones we have reviewed in this article. Typically, modern games allow players to react instantly by communicating via chat rooms. This added social element is prevalent in most social real money games, especially those hosted on social media platforms. You can find new generation variants at online casinos like, MyStake and GamDom.

Social Casino Slots

The most common social casino slots you can play online are hosted on social media sites like Facebook. However, online casinos also offer a variety of casino slots that have an element of social interaction. Mostly, this can be experienced at online casinos like Rollbit via chat rooms that can be viewed while playing slots. A few notable examples of socially popular slots include Sweet Bonanza and Gaes of Olympus. However, social media apps also offer slot games like Legend of Zeus that can be played for free.

How Do I Play Free Social Casino Games Online?

Aviator steps for demo

Unlike real money games, most online casinos do not require registration as a precursor to play free social games online. Therefore, if you want to play free social casino games online, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to an online casino like Stake or Gamdom.
  2. Use the search function to find the social game that interests you.
  3. Open the game by clicking or tapping the game icon.
  4. Once opened, review the game rules.
  5. Begin playing for free.

Do These Type of Games Come with Bonuses?

While social gambling sites typically do not offer specific bonuses for social casino games. However, most will offer a variety of bonuses that can be used to play social casino games. Moreover, they will include other promotions that include the option to play social casino games. Typically, these will be in the form of welcome bonuses or reload bonuses.


Best Social Casino Games Bonuses

Social Casino
Welcome Bonus
Bonus Code
70 FS
15% rakeback
1 BTC + 1 Lucky Spin
15% rakeback
$3500 + 1000 FS

How to Play Social Casino Games on Mobile?

Aviator game on mobile

Today’s mobile casino makes it easy to play social casino games on your mobile. The only requirement before playing is opening a mobile player account. This is easily accomplished by visiting a mobile casino and completing the registration process. We should point out that playing social online games does not require a special app. Therefore, if you want to play social mobile casino games on your mobile, consider one of the following.


To play social casino games at Stake, you will not have to download a special app. All that is required is to simply open a mobile browser and type in You can then select a social casino game you wish to play.

GamDom casino

If interested in playing social casino games at Gamdom, an app is not available. Instead, you can register a player account and play social real money games directly via a mobile browser.


If interested in playing social casino games at Gamdom, an app is not available. Instead, you can register a player account and play social games directly via a mobile browser.


Similarly, playing social games with real money at MyStake is as simply as navigating to the casinos mobile site and opening an account. Thereafter, you can preview and select a social casino games from that are offered.

Play-for-Fun vs. Pay-to-Play Social Games

A play-for-fun social game and a pay-to-play social game are significantly different. The most significant difference is that a play-for-fun social game is free while a pay-to-play social game is not. Moreover, play-for-fun mode award non-cash prizes, while pay-to-play interactive games offer real money prizes. In addition, a pay-to-play social casino is required to verify a customer’s identity.

Either way, feel free to enjoy social casino games with or without real money cash prizes or free credits.

social casino market size
Source: Stratview Research

The social casino games market size has grown considerably since 2014 when its generated annual revenues of $3 billion. As of 2021, that market share has jumped to $6.646 billion and is estimating that market share will grow to $8.3 billion by 2026.

However, based on a report by Business Research Insights, it is expected that the social casino game market will surpass the $9.248 billion mark by 2027. An annual growth of 6.15%, that growth is resultant on demand returning to pre-pandemic levels. In addition, market growth analysists anticipate growth will continue to rise due to factors related to the number of smart device connections.

This has noticeably increased the accessibility of social casino games, and social casino software developers have responded accordingly. This is evident via the increasing number of apps being released and the introduction of pay-to-play online social casino games. This has led market analysts to anticipate further growth through the emergence of developing markets that are expected to flood the market with demand.

Pros & Cons of Social Casino Games

As social casino games offer a great platform for social interaction, it’s worth exploring whether they offer any pros and cons. One of the pros of real money social games is they are a great way to play new games, and they help develop motor skills. Here are a few others:

  • Social games are free to play within real money online casino
  • Great way to meet new friends and exchange free coins
  • Wide selection of games with gold coins
  • Easily accessible online for cash prizes
  • Some social real money games require you to purchase credits

The Bottom Line: Why Play Social Games 2023?

Ultimately, there are more reasons that justify playing social games in 2023 than there are reasons not to play social casino games. The reality is these are a great way to socialise and cultivate acceptance and friendship with your peers. That alone is a justifiable reason to play titles, as long as the time spent playing social games with real money doesn’t interfere with person-to-person activities within online social casinos.


Can you win real money playing social casino games?

Yes, you can win real money when playing social casino games at a social casino sites.

Do social games allow only virtual credits and play-for-fun mode?

No, some social online games allow you to play for real money.

Is playing social online casino games safe?

Yes, it is safe to play social casino games as long as you do not share personal information with other players.

Why are clans important with regards to real-money social casino games?

The reason clans are important with regard to real money casinos is they enhance the user experience.

Do social casinos offer downloadable apps for free?

Yes, many social real money casinos offer free to download apps to play games.

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